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Give to charity AND save tax.

  Giving to charity is not only good for charities but, done the right way, it can also save your company corporation tax. As we go through the j read more »

Can I claim VAT on my Ebay, PayPal and Amazon fees?

  As a VAT registered internet retailer trying to fathom out what VAT you can claim back on fees can be confusing. Just looking at the 3 biggest read more »

Higher rate flat rate VAT if you don’t buy physical goods!

Are you ready for the changes to the flat rate scheme? Do you spend a low amount on goods and use the flat rate scheme?  If so you may need to pay th read more »

Don’t let HMRC spoil your party. Know what you can put through your business.

Are you feeling generous this year and wanting to give you customers and clients gifts, or even throw them a party?  HMRC may not be as generous as y read more »

Getting into good money habits. How habits have changed my world.

This week we ran a mini workshop for West Lothian Women in Business with Helen of HM Coaching. One of the topics of discussion was getting into good m read more »

The Accounting Fairy

The accounting fairy puts on her wings, Picks up her wand and answers the phone that rings. She calms the caller who is in distress. I will deal with read more »

Remember it is only the interest on your mortgage that is allowable for tax.

A common misconception we come across is property owners thinking that their total mortgage payments are tax deductible. Only the interest part of you read more »

Ditch convention with the two year plan.

Today I listened to Chris Boardman speak at the Edinburgh Book Festival. This is a man who has achieved incredible things, including an Olympic Gold M read more »

App of the Month: Receipt Bank – taking the pain out of monthly expenses

So it’s time to look at your monthly expenses. Groan. Yes, I know it is a tedious job. I have to confess that I even put off doing my own. I lov read more »

Open your brown envelopes please!

Do you fear opening those brown envelopes from HMRC? It makes me sad when I help clients with backdated tax issues. Why? Because I see how much avoidi read more »