Professional or environmental?

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint here at Gregory Accounting HQ but today I had to challenge my attitude.  My car is awaiting repair and I had a meeting booked in with a potential client today.  It was about 4 miles away so I decided the best thing to do would be to cycle there. But then I started to worry about being unprofessional.  How would the potential client feel when I turned up on a bike? Would they think I looked unprofessional? Would it portray an image of someone with little money?  Hmm, interesting that in business I have this view of professionalism at the cost of the environment.  I donned my city cycling tights and skater dress on, put a change of shoes in my backpack and rode there.  And guess what? Not only did I win the contract it was also a talking point with the client as they cycle too.  I've not used any fuel AND I get to claim mileage at 20p per mile.

How would you feel if your accountant turned up on a bike? Would you think they were environmentally friendly, unprofessional or just a bit eccentric?


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