Accounting for those who want to do good in this world

Be confident you can work with an

accountant who gets you

You want to make an impact, and build a business that allows you do that. It helps to have an accountant that is:

Down to earth

You’re people, not numbers. You want something more personable and refreshing, where the boundaries are clear.


You may have had a bad experience in the past. You want something practical, not based on theory, to truly help you.


Sometimes people call me the “accounting fairy” who waves a magic wand. But that’s ok for you, because it’s different.


Having an impact is important to us too, and you want something who can help you give back and ultimately fill a purpose.

“I know exactly what I’m getting and it’s real and it’s human.”

Hey, I’m Michelle

I’ve always been passionate about the impact that SME’s can have on the world. I've seen the power they can have without waiting for the big corporates to make the move.

They’re not just waiting for big corporates to take the lead. Instead, they’re doing good, whether it being through raising money for charity, being a good employer or just being environmentally friendly.

That’s why I set up this business… to help more businesses be able to do that. You could go to a bigger firm, but often those who come to me want a more personal service, because they want someone to support them. 

That’s me. I know all of my clients, I don’t need to refer to notes. You’re working with me, and together we’ll give back to society in any way we can.

​You’re on a journey…​

There can be a disillusion if you’re coming from a corporate background – something is missing, or something feels cold. You’ve left somewhere and you’re still trying to fill a void.

That’s why you went into business: To have freedom. To serve a purpose. To be your own boss. You're striving to build the type of business that not only gives you freedom but also has an impact on the causes that are important to you.

But what does this have to do with accounting?

…it’s about measuring!

To support what's important to you, you need to measure. More businesses are starting to align with the UN Global Goals, and to do that, they're measuring more than just profits. 

Whether it's measuring the numbers to determine how sustainable your business is, or measuring how much of an impact your systems have had on being efficient, everything plays a part. It all comes together to help you support your charity of choice, all whilst not feeling guilty about your business making money.

Our focus includes businesses that are:

Professional services & consultants

Internet retailers

Therapists & Healers

“It’s such a relief to have met you.”

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Let’s see how we can make a difference.


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