App of the Month - Tripcatcher

Tripcatcher: Our favourite tool for logging mileage

As an accountant you would think I would be great at reclaiming my business mileage. Well you would be wrong. I find it tedious and time consuming. But I know it needs doing because, at 45 p per mile it can add up to a nice tidy sum to reclaim from my business and reduce my tax bill.  I had been putting off the job for awhile (6 months in fact - eeek!) and decide to tackle it head on.  So I starting looking around for a tool to do this as I love using apps and cloud based systems to save me time.  After a bit of research I found Tripcatcher.  It is fantastic. It is quick and easy to use, costs £1.49 per month and it sends all my mileage claims directly to Xero.

So I sat down one morning, got out my diary and faced the task at hand.  Tripcatcher was amazing. You simply enter the date, description and start and end destinations and Tripcatcher does the rest.  No looking up distances on google.  You can even store repeated trips. It took me one hour to complete six months worth of mileage. Which, incidentally was worth over £500 back into my personal account.


Pros:  Easy to use. Links directly to Xero. Cloud based so can be accessed any where. You can save your recurring trips. SPEEDS UP A TIME CONSUMING TASK.

Cons:When setting up to link with Xero the user name is case sensitive so make sure it is set exactly the same when you sign up for Tripcatcher.  Tripcatcherwhere quick to resolve the issue.
Note: I am not affiliated to Tripcatcher and have not been paid to do a review. I am simply passing on my honest opinion on tools I have tried.


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