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As your business is growing you are probably looking for meaningful face-to-face relationship with a trusted business partner who understands their business goals and helps them achieve these goals. This is what we love doing – we are passionate about working with business owners, especially those who are achieving six figure sales or who are ambitious to reach six figures. We offer a range of services from a basic compliance service to our Virtual FD service. We will work with you to tailor a fixed fee package for your needs. Services that you can choose from are:

For busy entreprenuers who want to focus more on cash flow and profit and spend less time fighting with paperwork.  Have you experienced growth in your business but feel you don’t have enough time to look at your results? Do you feel like your paperwork is out of control and need a slick finance system and accounting software? Do you need someone in your business to be your financial conscience?

Combining coaching, accountancy and accounting software to put you in complete control of your business finances. We put beautiful systems and habits in place and hold regular meetings to keep you on track.

You’ve built your successful business. You love your customers and your network. But you are are overwhelmed by finding time to pay suppliers, update tax returns, managing cash in the business let alone work out how to improve profits.

I noticed that my six and seven figure clients are still using manual processes to keep on top of paperwork. They pay suppliers but then waste time getting invoices together for VAT returns. They don’t know what profit they have made until it is time to file annual accounts.  There is no planning for tax payments. I looked at ways to turn this around.  Using my corporate experience and a passion for cloud based systems I found ways to spend less time on updating figures and more time understanding their business finances.  And so I have developed the Accounts Diva Program our flagship accountability service.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Be on top of your business figures every day, so that you go from being an accounts procrastinator to and accounts diva.
  • Have super clarity on your prices, profits and how much you can pay yourself.
  • Relax knowing that you have money set aside to cover unexpected costs, a sales slump or to take an extended holiday.
  • Enjoy checking in with your business finances so they become your friend and not something to fear
  • Pay your tax bills, suppliers and staff with ease.
  • Have a workspace clear from the clutter of paperwork.

That’s what the Accounts Diva program is designed to do. We give you;


This is the crux of the program.  We will set up regular meetings with you. This can be in person, on skype or over the phone. Before the meeting we will look at your online accounts system and check how up to date your records are, how your business is performing against your goals and how your cash balances are looking.  You can use these calls to ask us anything accountancy related but the purpose of these calls is to keep you on track. It’s like having your own personal Finance Director but without the hefty salary.

Goal Setting

Because we want you to get the most out of your regular meetings with us we will set intentions of what you want to work towards. This could be around keeping on top your accounts, achieving a certain profit or creating more time in your day.  Its up to you what you want to do but we will be here to keep you on track. We also look at how you feel about money and your prices.

Beautiful Software

Online accounting software that will make keeping on top of your records so much easier.  You can access it anywhere, information will come through automatically from your bank statements and you can easily run reports. You will receive full training and we set up the system specifically for your business. We love Xero and most of clients do too. But you can choose to use other accounting software such as Quickbooks, Kashflow or Freeagent if you prefer.

Fabulous Filing

A filing system that works for you so you can banish the fight with paperwork.  We often find people are unsure of how to file their paper invoices and receipts, so we will show you the best way to do this. Introduce a bit of fun and colour using some lovely folders.  Most importantly we will also show you how to reduce the amount of paper to keep.

Magic Money Management

We work with you to set up a money management system in your business that works for YOU. Not sure how much much you can put aside on a regular basis to cover taxes, paying yourself and a rainy day fund? We will sit down with you to work this out. We will also give a you a copy of our favourite book on the topic “Profit First”.

Regular Reports

Regular feedback on how your business is performing is so crucial to having a business that supports your goals. Not only will we provide regular reports to talk through with you we will also show you how to run them too. No more running your business blindly hoping you have made a decent profit.


Ensuring the government is kept happy and you are on top of taxes and company filings, we take care of this for you. Rest assured that your tax returns, company accounts, VAT returns and annual returns are done on time.


Got a question? We are always at the end of a phone or email to help you with anything.  If we don’t know the answer we will find someone who can. Whether it is marketing, mindset, financial planning, building a website or finding a network we can introduce you to our wonderful heart based contacts.

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Message Sent.

Prices are bespoke depending on your requirements and your type of business. As a guide prices start from*;
3 month Accounts Procrastinator to Accounts Diva Intensive £749

Then fixed monthly fee of;
Sole Trader Siren £199 per month
Limited Company Queen £249 per month
VAT Registered Vixen £299 per month

If you want to know more about our Accounts Diva program I would love to speak to you. You can book a free discovery call with me. Drop me an email or phone me on 07722 141 743.

Like part of the program but don’t need all of it?  We can tailor our Accounts Diva package to suit your needs.

Michelle xx
*all prices are quoted inclusive of VAT.


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