Are you a heart based business owner? Do you have a business that makes a difference? Does your business have a heart and  soul and is ethical and conscientious?

If your business is about providing a unique service or product, that shares your gift or purpose with other people, then you have come to the right place. We are accountants with a heart and love to help others with a similar ethos. You may be a coach, therapist, make or sell organic products, recycle preloved items. You may have a business model that allows you to help the third sector or you could be charity. Or you may even be trying to simply run a business that allows you to be more present for your children, dependents or voluntary work.

You love what you do but accounts and money are a block for you. Dealing with tax and HMRC baffles or scares you. Or you simply need to hand that side of the business to an expert.  So how do we help and how are we different?

Unlimited help and support

Our packages are fixed price and include unlimited support (fair usage policy applies).  This means that you should feel comfortable that you can ask us a question on anything, at anytime. We will answer your questions in plain English.

Working in the cloud

We love working in the cloud. Not only is it beneficial in terms of working together, and allowing you to work anywhere that has internet connection. It also reduces the amount of paper you need to store. Did you know that you can even use software that takes your electronic invoices and enters them into your accounts software. If you sign up to one of our Xero packages you will get regular reports that shows how your business is performing against past years and others in your industry.


We can train you in how to do your own bookkeeping and tax returns if you want to be more in control. We will put you at ease with doing this and offer training in your own home or workplace.

Ethical Tax compliance

While we ensure our clients pay the right amount of tax, and takes advantage of the tax breaks available to you, we don’t offer advanced or aggressive tax planning.  This goes against our conscience. We also believe that it isn’t good for business or your soul. 

Personal service

We take pride in knowing all of our clients personally and develop a relationship with you.  After all you are entrusting us with intimate knowledge of your financial affairs so building trust is important.  We work from home and around our family and so understand that you may fit your business around family.  You won’t find corporate offices and suits here. We prefer do our business over a nice cuppa to put you at ease.


Mindset is essential to having a successful business. Success is individual to you.  We find that some of our clients are uncomfortable with making a decent profit or pricing well.  But if you can’t make a decent living from your passion then it will be difficult to do what you love while earning a living. We can introduce you to coaches who can help with blocks you might have around money so your business can flourish.


When you become our client you become part of our wider network. We can recommend networking groups – both in person and on social media – so you can meet like-minded business owners.  When you join us you are part of our wider family and network.


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